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Salumificio Chiapella
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Ox salami
Etichetta Ox salami Chiapella


This is a completely new speciality and undoubtedly the flagship of Salumificio Chiapella. Ox salami was created as a tribute to this strong, heavy and patient animal, the true star of Carrù gastronomy. This animal is honoured in December with the famous "Fiera del Bue Grasso” (“Fat Ox Festival"), which has just celebrated its 100th anniversary. The meat of the Carrù ox is special thanks to its ultra-high quality and because once its fat has been removed, its smell, taste and texture are unparalleled. The end result is a unique and unmistakable product, a synthesis of the culture and nature of the area. The lean ox meat is combined with pork fat to create the basis of the mince, which is then flavoured with a masterful blend of spices, stuffed in a natural casing and tied by hand. It is thanks to the perfect combination of these minced and mixed ingredients that the ox salami is so aromatic and spiced on the palate, fragrant and deep red in colour.