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Salumificio Chiapella
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Organic Langhe salami
Etichetta Organic Langhe salami Chiapella


The Chiapella family's latest creation is Organic Salami, created to satisfy the increasingly demanding palates of those who love "good things", but above all authentic products. It is made from a mince obtained from the finest cuts of organic pigs personally selected by us. Absolutely free of additives and flours deriving from milk, the mixture obtained is masterfully enriched with Organic Spices. These play a key role because the flavour and aroma of salami are inextricably linked to the added ingredients, which must not mask or hide the characteristics of the meat, the aromas from curing or the influence of the curing environment. Stuffed in a natural casing and tied by hand, it is ready to hang and rest in the curing rooms. It has a delicate aroma with a pleasant note of sweetness on the palate.